Do you use these 5 digital marketing techniques? Stop now, else

The world of internet marketing is fast-paced and ever changing. One may run out of time always and cannot afford to lose time by implementing poor 5 digital marketing techniques. However, being a newbie in the digital business platform, it is difficult for a business owner to select the right SEO Company.
Often, a business owners loose time and resources by investing in wrong internet-marketing partner. Remember, time is a valuable resource when it comes to mark your digital presence.
As you heard rightly, digital marketing becomes competitive every day and to be in the market you must not let your fingers away of the pulse. However, it is difficult to know the digital marketing techniques implied by your digital marketing company are working in the right way or not. Here are some techniques used by most internet marketing companies.

digital marketing techniques

Therefore, you can see that most of the times are being spent on common things like the followings:
  • Data management
  • Email marketing
  • Social media
  • Tag management
You will always have a long “to-do” list to complete.
A manager works for an internet marketing company mentioned that search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing do not count the volume of the work but the smart work. Therefore, such bulk works result in the wastage of the time (your most valuable resource).
Before you are selecting a company to do your internet marketing work, just have an idea regarding the 5 poor digital marketing techniques used by most internet marketing companies.

5 poor digital marketing techniques

Social Media networks: Choose Wisely

social media techniques

One cannot deny the influence of social media on the current digital business. The initial thoughts on the influence of social media on the business are proven wrong. Even the view that social media is “a time suck and a marketing fad” has been completely busted.
I have seen in surveys that 44% of the local small business largely depends on the social media for the brand promotion and 41% remains dependent for earning revenue.
Nevertheless, the question is “where to promote and how to promote?”
With the rise of the technology, the number of social media has also increased. But do you have the idea about which social media can contribute to earning revenues from the list of the followings?

digital marketing techniques

Generally, most of the companies try to sell a number of social media account. However, as rightly an internet-marketing strategist pointed out that it takes a lot to build up a community on a single platform.
It takes a lot to implement digital marketing techniques, as you need to create contents like images, infographics and then make a schedule and so on. Therefore, you can understand the time consumption for a single work to complete. Now the next part is to build a community who will engage with this post.
Therefore, if you are diving into multiple accounts, it really becomes tough to handle all these things. Thus, again the same thing happens, i.e.: Wastage of time and valuable recourse (important for any business, especially the newcomers).
Before taking the decision, you must ask the followings:
  • Location of Target Audience
  • The time of activity of the Audience 
  • What the audiences are searching
  • What will be the right platform to select
It is difficult to do all alone thus you must implement some strong digital marketing techniques.

One Network: Multiple Accounts

It is one of the most common digital marketing techniques or tricks used by companies. You will see that your post is getting likes or share but no business is coming. You have to think is this what you want. Before, digging deep let me explain something.
Most of the companies will tell you that they are creating four or five accounts in social media and sharing the contents for a wide reach. Just like some business giants do.

digital marketing techniques

But you need to think that the resource is not limited for these MNCs. This strategy will not work for a start-up or a small company. Suppose, you are having mere 3 different accounts in 5 different social networks as follows:
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Google+
This makes it 15 accounts. Will this really serve your purpose? The answer is “NO”.
Such huge social presence needs maintenance, which is nearly impossible for small business. These businesses need different digital marketing techniques. Rather every other small business is different from other so only way to get a 100% ROI is possible by implementing the customised strategy.
So, it is better to culling those social media accounts, which are not worthy enough. This will save your time and can pay off in getting the desired results by investing them in proper channels.

Bulk blog Posting or Quality Blog posting

A common SEO guy will make you pay for several blog postings but the will it really pay you off? Hubspot suggested that still, 54% of the internet marketers believe that proper content creation is the best-practised way to get inbound traffics. Remember, Microsoft founder Bill Gates rightly mentioned “Content is the King”.
Do you know that if you are publishing some around 10 blogs in a month, you can expect the double traffic? In addition, not surprisingly as per a report of the content marketing institute 85% B2B marketer dedicates their success to the high-quality contents.

digital marketing techniques

However, these all data are related to the creation of high-quality content not any thin data which is a part of digital marketing techniques. Additionally when the resources are limited especially for the small businesses, one must not go for quantity but for quality. Let me give you the stat from the same report.

digital marketing techniques

Therefore, you can see the importance that the marketers are giving on content creation, which is mostly neglected by the common below average SEO practitioners. Remember, that Google never encourages poor content and very strict about implementation of digital marketing techniques.
According to a survey published in medium, a blog post must consist of at least 1600 words. You can check even this content is more than 1600 words. This does not mean that you will have rubbish to fill out. It must have properly researched data and to write such data filled content, you need time.
So do not go for bulk but go for out and out quality.

Backlinks or Quality Backlinks?

Where I left in the last point, this starts from there, as it is a fight of quantity vs. quality. Backlinks are undoubtedly a winner when it comes to getting a good position in search engine ranking. Most of the companies used to create a false microsite to get backlinks. With a little knowledge of digital marketing field, I can say that they will show you the postings on the different sites but in reality, in the eyes of Google, it is simply a trick and not worthy enough digital marketing techniques. Google or any other search engine is not a fool and they will count any tom-dick-harry domain links.
In this regard, let me quote something from Moz:

Domain Authority (DA) is a score…that predicts how well a website will rank on search engine result pages (SERP). Domain Authority scores range from one to 100, with higher scores corresponding to a greater ability to rank.

People try to buy links as a part of digital marketing techniques, indulge in different link building methods, which are both expensive and time taking methods. Therefore, before choosing the internet marketing company, please get details of these issues.
To get a proper and clear picture, you can refer to the below infographic, I collected from MOZ.

digital marketing techniques

Therefore, by now you understood that large numbers of links are wastage of time unless these are coming from the quality domains. Therefore, put your hands down only to quality backlinks.

Comment or Not to Comment

If you have come across the whole post, you have found that a relatively small business runs out of time and resource, which is essential for successful digital marketing techniques. It is one of the biggest obstacles, which you can face. Most of the average internet companies try to maximise their profit from it. They took the money for managing social media accounts. It is not a bad habit as in the initial stage this helps you to build a community. The doubt remains on the ground that whether these companies really maintain it or not.
However, when you grew up a community, try to choose the reply also carefully. Remember 44% of the customers share the experience of interaction with the company.

digital marketing techniques

Another important thing is the speed with which you are interacting with your customers. Here is an interesting twitter fact for you.

digital marketing techniques

However, as mentioned early in this point, that it is important to choose on which stuff you will comment and which you will ignore as a part of your digital marketing techniques. Focusing on the irrelevant and bogus topics will only incur the loss of your time and inventory resources. If you are giving the online social media management to an internet marketing company, you must ensure that they are engaging with the right people, which bring business to you.

Final Words

You must keep the track of time and resources to increase the effectiveness of the internet marketing strategy. In this fast-paced digital marketing world, time is the most valuable. You cannot afford to lose time.
Remember, new things are coming all the time but if you want to make the most of these new technologies, you must implementing digital marketing techniques carefully or have to choose a digital partner who can guide you through.


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